Lighting Tips by Philly Wedding Lighting

    Before you decide between an elegant crystal chandelier or swaging globe lights, there are a few factors you should consider. There are many factors involved in making the right decision when it comes too lighting. Where is the venue? What do you plan to light? Where is the actual light going? How big is the room? Do you have any other lighting in that room? Do you have enough power? What is your color scheme? The answers to these questions and a few other questions provide us with all the information we need to find the right lighting package that is both functional and stylish, and I am happy to pass my years of experience onto you.

    What you first need to realize is that there are four different types of lighting; ambient lighting, task lighting, accent lighting, and decorative lighting.

    Ambient lighting is a term used to describe the use of light to illuminate an object or background in a deliberate manner to evoke a certain mood or emotion. It is the act of creating a soft and warm glow of light, without a glare. You would consider using ambient lighting in a room to allow the mood to be inviting, or intimate.

    The second type of lighting is called task lighting. Task Lighting is a term used to describe the act of illuminating a particular work area with the maximum amount of light. This lighting is directed at a high traffic area in which bright lights are needed such as coat check, restroom areas or for behind the scenes activities of a caterer or valet parking attendant.

    The third type of lighting is accent lighting. Accent Lighting draws attention to a single item, and accentuates it. For example, you may want to highlight a floral centerpiece, wedding cake, architectural features of an historic property or if your having an outdoor wedding under a tent you may want to consider accenting the perimeter landscape.

    The last type of lighting is decorative lighting. Decorative Lighting is the type of lighting that most of us are familiar with. We find a light that looks nice and matches our curtains at home, and we buy it. Decorative lighting is the type of lighting fixture that becomes part of your décor in your home. The object of a good event lighting designer is to never bring attention to the actual light fixture wherever possible but to bring attention to the object or subject it illuminates.