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Barn Wedding Ceremony Decor

Barn Wedding Ceremony with just the right touch of lighting & draping.

Here we provided a very nice addition to French Creek Golf Club's event facility barn.

I would like to briefly state that I found French Creek Golf Club to be a gem among private golf clubs in Chester County, Pa. They are not only versatile in their ability to host weddings, but the scenery and vibe was comfortable, welcoming and pretty much impressive.

With that said, we didn't do much here. French Creek Golf Club had already permanently installed string lighting throughout the barn ceiling. Although we were prepared to install string lights for this ceremony, our wedding drape fabric swags became the focus.

We flanked the wedding aisle with white fabric overhead creating dipping swags which cascaded toward the main ceremony staging area.

This wedding was held during daylight hours so not much more was needed. With just the right setting, location, family, friends and a touch of Philly Wedding Lighting's drape swags, it wouldn't surprise me at all if fabric swags became the new normal for barn weddings.

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